CASIO MS-8F 8 Digit Desk Calculator with, Tax, Currency

Reliable & Durable CASIO Desktop Calculator, Size ca. 10 x 15 cm, with Anti-slip Rubber Feet.

Solar/Battery powered – solar powered when light is sufficient, else battery powered, with Auto Power-Off.
8-Digit angled XL-Display (ca. 7.9 x 2.3 cm) with function command signs and thousands separators, 1.8 cm high digits.
Easy to operate and ergonomically shaped non-stick plastic keys.
Numeric keypad configured with “0” key below “1” key.
Advanced Percentage Calculation – enabled by CASIO’s unique input logic, showing absolute value of the % before adding to the base.
Tax Calculation of price plus tax / price less tax, display of tax amount and gross amount, tax rate storable.
Currency Conversion with 2 storable rates.
Mark-Up Calculation via % key – calculating the sales price resulting from a chosen profit % demand.
Constant Calculation.
Summarizing 3-key Memory.
+/- key for algebraic sign change.
Key Rollover – Input Buffer Memory, enables very fast input typing
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