Ergonomic Office

Increases the well-being in the workplace through ergonomic office furniture

Whether man or woman, young or old, big or small: Ergonomic office furniture ensures health and well-being, because they can be individually adapted to the needs of each individual. Head, back and shoulder pain - the typical office diseases you say so goodbye! Ergonomic desks and office chairs allow you to easily change your posture multiple times during the day. So you are flexible and can always work comfortably - while sitting and standing.

Your monitors should also adapt to your changing postures. The optimal distance to your face is 50 cm. A monitor support arm system helps you position your monitor easily and flexibly. Desk lights are neglected by many. They make an essential contribution to how fit and efficient we feel at work. Again, the more flexible the better. Novus luminaires are specially optimized for lighting workplaces. They offer a variety of ways to illuminate your workplace optimally.

A little tip: plants also improve the working atmosphere by providing green accents and improving the indoor climate, which has an effect on the ability to concentrate.

You have no room to set up a room as a retreat? That's not bad. Even a cozy sofa corner or a communal table relax the office life and allow you to take a comfortable sitting position. Retreats promote a good team atmosphere. Create inviting retreats where you can talk to each other off the desk! Changing jobs can stimulate your creativity as they invite you to inspiring meetings with colleagues. Nothing stands in the way of the next joint brainstorming session.